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Philippa’s Story

Are you one of those people who always wants to please others, anxious what would happen or what they would say if you said no? Even though deep down sometimes that was what you really wanted to say, NO!

Philippa was one of those people, her anxiety was getting the better of her, and she really wanted to tackle her anxiety and tackle finding a job. It was her Dad that suggested she contact Vicky and try working with her to tackle her issues.

So, what was that initial meeting with Vicky like? “The initial chat was good: we went in depth about the types of things we would be going over. We planned what we would be doing for the next session at the end of each session. We also made sure that we adapted what I would be able to physically do as "homework" (although she called it Fun Work) as at the time my foot was injured”.

How did you feel with Vicky guiding you? “Working with Vicky was great. She made me feel comfortable and confident and I felt that I was able to confide in her.”

They say that one of the ways of increasing your confidence is to be around positive people, were you able to put that comfortable confident feeling outside the sessions in your normal day-to-day life? “I've noticed that I am more confident within myself and I'm not afraid to tell someone that I don't want to do something.”.

That’s great news Philippa, but I guess one of the causes of the anxiety was other people’s reactions – how have they been? “Other people have noticed that I'm more outgoing and whilst it isn't gone, I've got a better hold on my anxiety.”

Are there any other positives you have taken from the work with Vicky? “I feel my communication skills and CV writing skills are stronger.” Has this made you think about trying any of the other courses Vicky provides? “. I'm not currently looking at any other courses of Vicky's, just because I want to work more deeply on the things that we went over in our sessions before I go looking into other things.”

It was your Dad that suggested you speak to Vicky, could I ask whether you would recommend her to anyone “I definitely would recommend sessions with Vicky as they have helped me immensely. She is a very bubbly and lovely person, she made me feel very welcome and like I could tell her anything. She genuinely cares about what she is doing, and it was like she was my hype woman constantly hyping me up to do amazing things.”

If you are someone who like Philippa is looking for someone to take them from anxious to amazing, where do you not only feel more self-confident, but others see it in you as well, then contact Vicky today. Because your past does not define your future.

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Thanks go to Peter Anderson Copywriting for helping to put these together

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