• Vicky Poole

I just want to go back to bed!

How do you keep going when you have nothing left in the tank?

You put one step in front of the other and just keep going.

I've been battling with my pregnancy for a little while now and whilst I am so thrilled about my New Year present, I am fed up of being pregnant.

I'm now on my second sinus and chest infection within a month and am so utterly exhausted that I am physically unable to sleep.

I thought I needed bedrest so spent 5 days dozing and relaxing and I didn't get any better. I think the highest my step counter got was 2500 on those 5 days which is shocking.

Then I started moving and began to feel better... even though I still felt like death.

It was so stupid! I was struggling for breath to do anything let alone motivation and yet the more that I moved and did jobs, the more that I actually felt better within myself.

Sometimes the motivation that we need to do something comes from the commitment that we have made to other people.

Like when my son asked me for some mini cheddars after nursery and I decided to walk to the store to get them.

Or when my hubby asked me if I fancied a bacon sandwich (YES!!) so I had another reason to go to the store....

Then what about commitments to others outside of my immediate family? The urge to spur myself on was found anew... and what did I learn?

When I focus on serving other people, I feel that I have more to give.

I'm not saying that this will work for everyone, in fact this is in full alignment with my personality type. SEE EARLIER BLOG POST ABOUT CHOCOLATE.

I did need my 5 days to myself though. It allowed my brain to reset so that I could give my all to others.

The way that I like to think about it is, sitting half way up a mountain and stopping for a sarni and a cuppa... refuel recharge and then plough on. That metaphor can be seen in so many area's of life.

So when life get's a bit on the crazy side and it's all coming at you... slow it down. Take the items that are coming at you at a pace that you can handle.

Sit down.

Have a brew.

Collect your thoughts and then...

Put one foot in front of the other and let's get the stuff done.

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