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Case Study :- How Sarah went from burn out and bummed out to a motivation Ninja in 12 weeks.

Updated: Jun 5

Sarah has been a successful business woman for over 10 years and was impacted by Covid lockdown like so much of the nation. As a head strong woman, she was persevering and continued to push herself towards breaking point. Her mental health suffered throughout 2020 and became increasingly more unfocussed and disorganised in her general living. She procrastinated on the important activities for her business in favour of the simpler and more easily completed items resulting in her business staying stuck in place. Sarah joined Vicky's 12 week Transformation Program in December 2020 after realising that she needed to make some changes. Over the course of the 12 weeks, Vicky made subtle changes with Sarah's thought processes. These small but consistent changes were the key to success. They are simple and easy to maintain even after the program completed Throughout the program, Sarah experienced 6 significant realisations that have helped her to change her approach and help her to beat her procrastination.

Life Managing Medical Whilst suffering from an underlying medical condition, Sarah manages the affects and impacts through alternate means. Diet and exercise help to manage some of the physical impacts of her illness. However, nicotine was being regularly used as a relaxant which whilst effective, was then impacting her ability to exercise as normal. Which then required more nicotine to ease the discomfort. It then became a self-proliferating spiral. During the program, we unpicked her illness and she came to the realisation that diet management and exercise was more beneficial to easing the impacts of her illness. It was much easier for her to reduce the amount of cigarettes that she smoked. Her exercise routine and diet management were reprioritised in her mind. Holding Her Own As a person, Sarah would loves to be liked. She would often not react to comments and altercations with other people and would be generally subservient. Those memories of those incidents would replay in her mind resulting in a negative spiral. Several memories could be traced back to a parental experience that she had as a child and the memory of this event was replaying in her life over and over again. Using a series of helicopter management exercises, we explored recent examples where she felt attacked or threatened and uncovered new ways in which she could manage them, should similar situations arise again. This new range of options has empowered Sarah to explore all options in every situation, and not just the obvious.

Love Healing The Hurt Sarah has been single for a year and had been looking for love for some time, with a nice man. There were some elements that she was looking for in her new partner and some that had yet to be realised. We spent time across three sessions looking back at previous relationships and unpicking the breakup from her perspective. As Sarah explored more of her mind, she realised that she had been holding onto the hurt of her past breakups and they were really holding her still. History would repeat until the lessons were learnt from the previous partners. Vicky used some reflective exercises to dispel Rear View Mirror Syndrome allowing Sarah to accept the learnings of the past and look forward for something new. New Love Building on the Rear View Mirror exercise, Vicky went on to strategise "attraction" with Sarah. This was actioned in simple manifestation, which is where Sarah took time to create her ideal man on paper noting his desired attributes and attaching a priority against each one. Now she knows what to look for and will be able to recognise him when she meets him. Manifestation is based on the Law of Attraction, which is where you place your focus on a given item or goal and believe it will be attracted to you. Manifestation is having a description of what the goal is and are actively looking for this specific item.

Business Prioritisation In a world of social media, there is always an activity that could be performed to generate business interest. With regular focus on the simple and easily completed activities, the bigger and more complex actions seemed more daunting and would be left for tomorrow. But tomorrow would rarely come. What ended up happening for Sarah was an unmanageable to do list that was uninspiring and she couldn't muster the motivation to get stuff done. Vicky shared 3 procrastination management techniques that have been total game changes for Sarah. Sarah now finds time every day to work on her business, and ticks off the most important elements of her to do list every day. Sarah's following is increasing and she is taking bookings for when lockdown ends. Stopping When she took the time to listen to herself, she could identify when her body needed a break but would often push through it. However she would end up feeling tired and in need of more rest than if she simply stopped for a new minutes. With the practise of mindfulness techniques, Sarah takes time to check in with herself daily and is more comfortable in stopping what she is doing and reconnecting with the world around her. Being in the moment, with technology turned off is now one of Sarah's favourite things.

Summary It has been a fantastic experience working with Sarah and in the final few sessions, she was already articulating how she was standing up to colleagues in the moment and not letting things fester. This new Sarah that had been nurtured for 12 weeks was taking more actions. She was owning the consequences of her actions and deciding what options to take based on their expected outcomes. She was a forward thinking and had become a productivity ninja. This new Sarah was meeting every situation head on and with a confident intention. She was in control. In every scenario, she was looking for all options and not just the options that were easy for her. Vicky is thrilled to have made such a huge impact to Sarah in such a short amount of time.

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