• Vicky Poole

A Year Of Reflection

It’s been a year since my Mum passed and I took a moment this week to reflect on everything that has happened since her transition.

I left a role at a soul sucking international corporate company.

I set up my own business.

Got pregnant.

Experienced 2 more family deaths.




And that was it… those were the headlines.

Then I thought about my Mum and wondered what she would be known for. Who would remember her in 50 years time. The sad truth was that it would only be me, assuming that I am still alive of course. And that made me sad.

How could the world so easily forget one person who made such an impact to my life? The sad truth is that we’re in a population of nearly 9 Billion and 1 person really does just fade into the background.

So how do you stand out? Make some noise? Be different enough to be remembered?

I brought all of this back to my life vision, and I have several strands to my vision. Some are for me, my family and the world itself. What progress have I made on those this year?

Then I hit a rather shocking realization… that I had only really focused on me over the last 12 months and the other visions that had received a PAUSE button.

No more. When you become aware to something in your life, you have the power and the ability to decide to change it, if it no longer serves you. So I’m changing, consciously.

I’m putting way more effort into courses and training. Committing to regular video’s and training delivery content. I’m partnering up with other strong and disruptive women to take on some of the hardest and most powerful topics in the world and together we will make our noise.

Together, we will make our mark and we will be known for our stance.

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