“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

― Rumi

Life Leadership

Have you ever looked at a friend, colleague, or neighbour and secretly wanted to be them and live the life we perceive they live?


The secret to life and everything in it comes when we chose to lead our life in a known direction. We need to channel our thoughts to the positive, how do we live that life? Only then can we know we have achieved success

About this course

Lots of people sit in the wheelhouse of their lives looking back over the stern, picturing regrets and missed opportunities.


Many of us are disappointed at where we are in our life and want it to be more (fill in blank!) _____.


In partnership with Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway, this course provides an introduction to becoming a leader in your own life, to look forward and steer the course of your life towards your goal.


It covers:

  • How positive self-talk will build confidence to excel

  • The golden rules to make any life decision

  • How creating a vision for your life is the key to achieving success

  • How Mental Resilience can support any of life's hiccups

  • 2 Effective ways to make and take responsibility for your life

  • How effective action language can enable you to widen your support network

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Did you know that we also run a Life Leadership course for kids too called Little Life Leaders? It will be added to our course list soon