“Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”


― Roy T. Bennett


I am here to serve and offer free advice and guidance for those in need.

Here I offer my most common and frequently asked for guides and worksheets for all to use.


Our kids have been the greatest impacted with our lockdowns and now that the restrictions are opening up, everyone is facing some social anxiety.

As parents, we want only the very best for our kids and want to get back to normal as quickly as we can... this document contains 3 tips to help make the transition back into social activities as quick and easy as possible.


When you were growing up, did your parents inspire you to grow?

In the 21st Century, all children should have the power to grow into young adults with confidence and self esteem.

However, as their parents we may not have experienced a similar nourishing environment in our childhood. This document outlines some tips anyone can use to promote confidence with children


Feeling like an imposter holds us back. It stops us from getting the job we want, the partner we want and more.

It's a life deliberating mindset. If you want the power to be able to control it, try this worksheet. 


Strong mental health starts with our own thoughts.

As kids we're taught that sticks and stones may break our bones but laughs and jibes will never hurt us... WRONG.

They play out again and again in our mind and if we choose to believe them, they can cause serious harm.

This worksheet is the process that I used to get my mental health back on track.