Studying at Home


2 Hour Breakthrough

Let me guess...

Life has been happening to you and it's not all going the way that you want it to?

Taking control of your life is knowing what you want.

I used to be just like you. I would wander round aimlessly in search of something but was never really sure what. Then I would get really frustrated that other people were progressing in their lives and I was stagnant.

What changed for me was that I found my drive.

I found a belief in something that was so unbelievable awesome that I couldn't NOT take steps towards this every single day.

In this two hour breakthrough session, which can be done together or over two sessions, we will uncover:

> What is the reason that you get out of bed in the morning

> Why is this important to you

> What your ideal vision of the world is

> Create your perfect future

> Set an intention and action plan to help you get there