“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.”

― Stephen Richards

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Do you feel that you need to water down who you are to please other people?

Do you quietly sit inside the box where other people put you and desperately want to break free?


There is so many labels in the world; gay, lesbian, transgender, white, black, why can’t you be YOU! Why can’t we just be people?

As a child, I was always put in dresses and told what a “girl” should be and what could do.

I was in my 30's before I realised that I can be:

>a girl and play rugby.

>comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

>be loved by others for everything that I am, as I am.


I grew up liking guys and girls at a time when that was NOT accepted. I had body dysmorphia gifted to me on a plate because what I wanted to do and was allowed to do we're totally and utterly different. My parents were close minded and unapproachable. I was alone and lonely with no one else like me.

I felt like I had to give up my identity to fit in with the masses. There were two boxes, boy and girl, and if you didn't fit into those boxes easily then you were ignored as a "statistical anomaly". I felt that I couldn’t be me, ever, not even in my own head. I would day dream about the ability to be me, feeling at that time that it would never happen. 


I was given other peoples expectations and was demanded to achieve them for fear of disappointment, which was never an option with my upbringing... I studied subjects that I didn’t like and forced myself to work at them day and night.


I grew up in fear of being poor and pushed myself endlessly at work. At work, I was described as:

>Masculine and to the point I emasculated men 

>Direct to the point of aggressiveness 

>Obsessive and held everyone to my standards and commitment 


If I was a man, this would be acceptable. For me, a woman ... I was considered a disrupter. An outcast. A reject. 


Did I become this for me and what I WANTED for myself? 


No, I did all this shit based on other people’s expectations of how THEY THOUGHT I SHOULD BE! I had to play by other people’s rules and they always beat me at their own game.


I had enough. I couldn’t wait for one more minute to be me.


I have a vision of the world where there is no judgement. There is no shame. There is no social norm that you NEED to conform to. I strive to live in THIS world and seek it out every day. 

I had my wakeup call in 2013 where I knew that something wasn’t right. I invested in some personal development and what I learned was that all of my values and beliefs that I was living by were outdated and no longer served me in today’s world. I wanted to change them. So, I did.


I broke the bonds of my past and with it I smashed my limiting beliefs.


I remember what my parents said to me as a child and I know the fear, judgement and shame it will ultimately cause.

Now that I’m a Mum, I want my son to grow up in the world that I want. I want him to be happy as a person and within himself. I want him to run free of the boxes that society likes to put people in to. I consciously choose my language around my son so he can make his own choices, without fear of my judgement, disappointment or shame.


I took one part of my life at a time, transformed it and made something that I was proud of.


Personal development is a journey and not a destination. I keep adding to my skills list which currently include NLP, CBT, Relaxation and Coaching.


I've got life experiences of losing a loved one, living with regret, having a crappy childhood, living my life to other people’s expectations, body dysmorphia, failure, no money, heartbreak, becoming a mum, postnatal depression and separation anxiety.


If you're looking for a coach who helps you to deal with your hang-ups once and for all so you can achieve your full potential and live a limitless life - then that's me. I'm direct, honest and won't ask you to do anything that I haven't done myself!


If living life as a powerful person, with confidence and pride in all that you do is something you want to know more about... 


Or maybe you're a parent who doesn't want to pass on their past and crap onto their kids... 


Or maybe you're just like me and sick of all the bullshit boxes and labels in the world and want someone to see you for YOU... Then let's chat!

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”


― May Sarton