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Individual Coaching

1:1 Life Development and Coaching 

​Where ever you are right now is the right place for you to be. You have the choice to be where you are, or you can make the choice to move on.

Whether you are looking for some confidence, support or a simple sounding board to help you to process your thoughts, Life Coaching is a wonderful tool that you can draw on. It is ideal to help you to find clarity, become more effective, help to achieve goals, ... and so much more.

What questions/statements my clients say in our first session:

I'm not sure why I'm unhappy...

I don't know what I want from life...

I always feel like ___ is out of my grasp.

I don't know how to rekindle relationships. 

There are never enough hours in the day to get what needs to be done, done.

  • 4 x 1-hour coaching sessions £200

  • 6 x 1-hour coaching sessions: £250

~payment plans available

Focus Session​
  • £150 for 90 minutes

These one-off focus sessions are useful when: 

  • You’re stuck and need support to process what's going on  

  • You need some focus and a path to get back on track 

  • You need to speak to someone who is non-judgemental so you can sound off your idea's

During these intense one-off focus sessions, we will break down the issue and create an effective action plan for you to move forwards with. 

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