Igniting Ambition & Fearlessly Living 

Do you feel like you spend way too much time doing things to meet other people's expectations of you? Maybe you spend all your time focussing on what other people want?

Do you want to start leading all aspects of your life towards success and happiness?

We all have different tastes, different wants, and different dreams yet we all do exactly the same things and follow the herd - because that is what is expected of us from our parents, community and the media.

We buy the same cars, handbags, shoes… we do the same jobs. And in most cases, not because of a love or passion but to attain a status symbol - so that others will accept us.

We marry, have a family and all because this is what society tells us we are "supposed" to do.

How are we ever going to make ourselves happy when we follow the pack?


Break away - Pinpoint your purpose and fearlessly live your life is the key to success, happiness and mental resilience.


I help people to find the courage to overcome their fears and live the life they truly deserve.

I help people to :-

  • Earn an extra £10k in a year

  • Get a HUGE promotion

  • Resolve previous life fears/ trauma and experiences​​

For more information on how I could help you achieve your wildest dreams, click through the following pages, or contact Vicky for a free 20 minute enquiry call to see if coaching is the right path for you.

"If you have a dream, then only you can choose whether to live it or not.

Live it, love it don't regret it."

~ Vicky Poole


What my Clients say

Adam, Sales Account Manager, Crewe

Vicky has been instrumental in helping me understand and make sense of various elements of life. 

She's taught me how to better identify underlying emotions and expressing them better, as well as giving me the confidence to make key, life-changing decisions which I'd previously been nervous of. For instance, Vicky talked me through my fear of leaving a role for a new one, demonstrating that my fear was borne from one of failure rather than of actual change.


Vicky has helped me when I was really struggling to. Her guidance helped correct me back on track and on path, with an in-depth and knowledgeable assessment helping to identify the right actions to take to get back there. 


The key is that Vicky has given me the confidence to not only chase what I want, but also the confidence in myself. Her guidance has given me the self-belief that I was short of, that I'm where I am in life not through luck but through skill and hard work.

​Since my first discussion with Vicky I've had two promotions to senior account manager, with my total pay doubling over the 18 month period. I've also got more responsibilities which I'm handling with self-assurance and drive I didn't have before. Vicky has been an integral part of this growth.

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